Testing Jekyll

    2014-04-01 13:00:13 +0200

    This is a test of the jekyll blogging engine for my website and such, hopefully it will work great! Still have to get my images over to this so all of the articles are missing images for the time being.

    skypix TSN420 Review

    2013-05-11 16:17:35 +0200

    I was one day going trough lots of receipts and letters that I wanted to scan, but I didn't have a scanner available at my room, so I went looking online for a portable scanner that would be easy to carry around. First thing I did as usual was going on eBay and search there, and quickly I found the TSN420 from skypix. Decided to look around more and saw some pictures of a black version but could not find anywhere where I could get one, so I decided to just let it go and order that one.

    Review of F500L Car camera recorder

    2012-10-13 23:37:46 +0200

    For a long time I wanted a car camera that could record my trips, and eventual accidents, so I looked all around for a good one. Watched Techmoan's website for a while, then I saw a guy commenting that the F500L was the best around for the price at that time, but almost all reviews and such of it was in Russian, so Google translate to the rescue! Got a good first impression of it from there. After a little while one magically showed up in my mailbox!

    Uniden BC72XLT

    2012-10-02 23:34:09 +0200

    This is a review of the Uniden BC72XLT. I was tired of the slow scanning speed on my Baofeng UV-3R. The scanning speed on the UV-3R was way too slow. So I wanted to get myself a cheap scanner that had a lot more bands than the UV-3R. So I went looking on where I usually look for gadgets, eBay! Found a used one relatively cheap there and decided to try to get that one. Won the auction and it arrived in a weeks time.

    Ricoh printer paper status script!

    2011-09-26 17:38:17 +0200

    Figuring out how much paper was left in our printers at work was always a hazzle. So I decided to write a script to help us!

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